Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Travelling to Koh Samui

Koh Samui Travel

The island of Koh Samui has become a hugely popular tourist destination in the past ten years. The Island sits on the west coast of the country and in the blue waters of the Gulf of Thailand. Most travellers to the island come from Europe and wonder how to get to the island. Arrival in Bangkok is usually the first point of the journey. From that point it is just a matter of how quickly you want to get to Samui and what budget you have.
The easiest way to reach Koh Samui is to fly from Bangkok. The island has a beautiful airport that really does make you feel like you are arriving on a tropical paradise. Bangkok Airways operate flights to and from the island and Bangkok approximately every hour and the flight lasts either 50 minutes or one hour thirty minutes depending on the flight. The flights start from around 6am and the last flight is around 11pm at night. Prices range between £51 and £92 each way.
Bangkok Office:Tel. 02-229 3456
Samui Airport Office: 077-422 513
Chaweng Office, Samui: 077-420 133
Another cheaper option is to fly from Bangkok to Surrat Thani, which is the mainland region next to Samui. The flights to the Surrat Thani airport are a lot cheaper at about £26 and you can then buy a bus ticket and boat ticket at the airport across to the island.
Travelling to Samui by Train
A further cheaper option for Koh Samui travel is the train. Many people enjoy this option with a sleeper berth in the overnight train costing about £2 and then the boat across.
Second class sleeper trains leave Surat Thani at 17:50 and 19:04 and arrive in Bangkok at 05:35 and 05:50 the following morning. One can connect with either of these trains by taking the Songserm passenger ferry which leaves Nathon Pier at 14:30 and connect with the Songserm bus to the station (total cost, including train, £13). Also, the Phantip bus leaves the foot of Nathon pier at 13:30, takes the car ferry and then goes directly to the train station (total cost, including train £11). Advance bookings are recommended. Prices above are for a bottom bunk on the train.
Finally there is the coach option that many backpackers take. It is about 14 hours and costs about £2. Buses Information Services - Phantip Co.Ltd Tel: 077-421221
When you are on the island there are plenty of options for Ko Samui travel. There are plenty of taxis on the island but they do tend to be expensive. There are buses that operate called 'song tow' which are kind of like a covered pick up truck with benches in the back. With these you can get around for most journeys at less than £1. The popular option with young tourists is to hire a motorbike. This does free up your travelling but many people do suffer accidents. Be sure you have insurance, a license and wear a helmet. Bikes cost between £3 and £7 a day to hire. Finally there are plenty of places that can hire a car to you, which is a much safer option for Ko Samui travel. Prices vary according to the vehicle.

Samui Travelling Tips

  • If you are travelling in to Koh Samui from abroad, and are catching a connecting flight from Bangkok to Samui - remember that your luggage will not be automatically checked in for you on the connecting flight. You will need to collect your luggage yourself and check it in again at the domestic flights counter in Bangkok airport.
  • If you haven't yet booked a hotel or arranged for an airport transfer, be aware that the prices you will pay at the airport will be a lot higher than those you see advertised on this website. Your safest bet is to book your hotel and airport transfers through us before you depart for Ko Samui. This will give you peace of mind that you have somewhere to stay and be a lot easier on your wallet as well!


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